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The Art and Skills of Sub-Ohm Vaping

05 Sep 16

Getting bored of the same vape and the thin vapor?

Confused with the all the jargons used in the vaping industry?

How about notching up your vaping experience a bit?

All the answers to your questions lie within these three words “Sub-Ohm vaping”. Still scratching your heads as to what this sub-ohm vaping thing is?

You need not be since this post is more about clarifying all your sub-ohm vaping doubts and getting you familiar with this new art form that’s slowly becoming the leading choice for the vaping enthusiasts out there. Why should you be left in the dark?

Sub-Ohm vaping is vaping on a MOD that uses atomizer coils that have a resistance level less than 1 ohms. As the name suggests Sub-Ohm vaping involves dealing with electricity. A traditional vaping machine has a range of 1.5 to 2.8 ohms which creates cooler vapors but relatively lesser smoke. Changing the electrical resistance with the use of a Sub-Ohm helps create more heat and warmer vapor. Sub-ohm vaping tends to create bigger clouds of smoke and also much more flavor to your vaping experience and this is reserved for those who crave for that extra mile in their vaping experience.

If you’re thinking of giving sub-ohm vaping a shot then there are certain things you need to familiarize yourself with. Nobody said it was going to be easy. There are certain things to take note of before you indulge in one like.

Batteries and safety:
This is one of the most basic things one has to know before trying a sub-ohm MOD. The reason being the use of batteries in it. The increased amperage can put some heavy strain on your battery which in turn would create more heat. The atomizer coils heat up as well in the process. You might not want to go overboard as it might lead to injury.  Choosing a good battery is an important aspect. Using a battery with a highest possible safe discharge limit can do the job. One way of keeping a tab is if your device goes anything before slightly warm, you might be stressing your batteries.

Use of e-liquids and flavors
Choose an e-liquid with a high percentage of vegetable glycerin(VG). This helps create more vapors and thick dense clouds. Choosing a good battery is an important aspect. Using a battery with a highest possible safe discharge limit can do the job. One way of keeping a tab is if your device goes anything before slightly warm, you might be stressing your batteries.

Sub-ohm tanks
A good sub-ohm tank can make all the difference in your experience of enjoying a sub-ohm vape. There are many good sub-ohm tanks available in the market. Investing like the Volt hybrid tank and the VaporFi Vox ii since they have a pre-installed atomizer coil installed to them reducing the hard work.

Sub-ohm vape necessities:

– Keeping it clean
The machine or device used for sub-ohm needs to be clean to avoid any clogging or malfunctioning. Moreover, a clean sub-ohm vape would only enrich your whole vaping experience.

– Giving it room to breathe
All sub-ohm takers would suggest you this. Investing in a good sub-ohm tank is a good way to go about it. Your battery also needs proper ventilation. The vents in the battery help heat to escape during a routine use. Sticking to good commercial batteries is the key.

Should you give Sub-Ohm Vaping a shot?
If you’re new to the world of MODs and/or this experience, then you should educate yourself more on the subject since most sub-ohm vaping enthusiasts are well, experienced. It involves certain risks that cannot be taken for granted. This being said. you cannot rule out the whole experience of sub-ohm vaping in general

The cloud chasers will agree that enjoying those thick dense clouds of vapor takes knowledge and understanding. The majority of vapers have mid range ohm resistance between 1.5-2.8 ohms that are more hassle free but if you are looking to get out of that comfort zone and trying this, take your precautions.

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